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Furukawa Family & 201 Art Space

In 1983, I made a sudden decision for our family to move to Singapore. At that time we were a family of 4, including my wife Kazue, our eldest daughter Miwa, our eldest son Nobuo, and myself Kazuo Furukawa. Later, our 2 younger daughters, Mio and Kanako were born in Singapore, making us a family of 6.


Growing up in a multicultural society, our children learned to accept different cultures and customs without resistance, which resulted in all 4 of them becoming unique and free-spirited individuals… for better or for worse! Following in my footsteps, they all graduated from the art colleges in Singapore.

For 38 years, we lived in Singapore, and one thing that has been on my mind was how the town of Ito, where my wife's family is from, seems to be losing its vibrancy year by year. 

In 2021, at the age of 70 and after running a company for 30 years, I decided to return to Japan.

We hope to do something new in Ito. We began by renovating a small space on the second floor of an old building, which we turned into a studio.

Since we all have a background in art, we want to expand our talents to something greater.

Under the banner of BY FURUKAWA, we pledge to present the art of all six members across various genres. Stay tuned for exciting developments!


Kazuo /papa

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